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Are you contemplating joining the Pattaya - Jomtien expat community?You will find a wonderful cross-section of people here and making great new friends is easy.Pattaya-Jomtien has many quality clubs you can join ranging from expat clubs,a wine tasting group to Rotary Club and veterans organizations.Regardless of which country you are from,what gender your sex or what interests you have,you will find a group or organization that matches your needs.Now that you are serious about living in Thailand inexpensively year around while enjoying the beautiful weather,there are a few things best to consider before making the move.Prior to shipping your belongings,do a little research .
  1. To start with,read bangkokpost newspaper from front to will discover pertinebt information about living in Thailand(in general) as well as Pattaya City .
  2. Determine the type of long-term visa you qualify for and whether you can obtain it here or if you must acquire it at a Thai Consulate or Embassy in your country prior to moving here.
  3. Do you need immunizations?Various immunizations are required or recommended depending on what country you come from as well as countries you have visited.
  4. Find out what items you may NOT ship into Thailand(like guns and certain substances).
  5. Considering the difficulty and liability of driving in Thailand,whether to drive or not is worth serious deliberation.It isn't necessary since Thailand has plenty of public transportation.If you must,importing any type of vehicle is expensive and not recommended.Check out custom regulations.
  6. For all family members;bring birth certificates,immunization records,driver's licenses,passports,naturalization papers,adoption papers,school records and any other important legal documents,either personal or required,and hand carry them with you.
  7. Converting an International Drivers Licence (IDL)is the quickest and easiest way to get a Thai Drivers Licence.Obtain an IDL in your home country before moving to Thailand.An IDL is for temporary driving while on vacation or business and is valid in Thailand for only one month regardless of its expiration date.
  8. Can you afford to live in Thailand?Rather than move here on a romantic whim and discover you are broke within a couple of years with nothing to go back home to,visit a few more years and get your finances in order.(i)If you are not retired,jobs for foreigners are few and difficult to get in Thailand.(ii)Be familiar with the currency exchange rate and be prepared if it changes downward.(iii)Determine the least expensive way to move your money to Thailand.(iiii)Set up a realistic budget based on Thai currency,not in terms of what things cost you back home.(iiiii)If you own a home,before you sell it talk with your banker about the possibility of a reverse mortgage on it.
  9. Check with Pattaya real estate companies about housing,know what is available and what housing sells or rents for let "Suphaphat Group & Travelling" to manage that problem for you website:
  10. There are many choices:shop houses,townhouses,condos and single family homes of all sizes both new and existing.Research the methods you can legally own,what it will cost and in what area of town you feel comfortable living in.
  11. If you have pets,do you bring them or leave them?If you leave them,be humane and find the critters good homes.If you bring them,check health and entry requirements as well as shipping costs.
  12. Many electrical appliances and equipment back home may not work on Thai 220 volt electricity plus you may have to pay customs duty.Appliances that need current converters are better sold and new ones purchased in Thailand.
  13. If you have school age children,they may need to go to an international school and health records are required to get your children enrolled?
  14. Know your health care options.Will your current health insurance cover you in Thailand?If you cancel it and later on become in poor health care,you won't be able to reinstate your policy.You must become familiar with the level of health care that is available and decide whether you feel this health care acceptable.This is especially true if you already suffer a health problem that requires medical maintenance,.
  15. Don't bring every-thing you own.Most items can be repurchased in Thailand at a very season able cost.You might be able to sell some of yourbelongings at a used price back home and then purchase it new in Thailand for the same or less cost.
  16. Ready for a smooth,trouble free move?There is one more very important thing.Realize that you will be changing roles from a native citizen to a non-citizen living in a foreign country.Residency is considerably different attitudes,a different than visiting.It can become tedious for some people when they have to constantly interact with different attitudes,a different couture,a different language and many other differences that require them to adjust,not the thais.Regardless of whether the Thais do things differently than how you do it back in your country,Thailand is their country and you,the foreigner,must adapt.Be honest with yourself and determine if you have the character and personality to accept and adjust.If you do,then welcome to your new home.

Sincelery Yours,

Sukij Boonplok

Pattaya Organization Co.,ltd.

Golf Course Activities.


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Golf Courses in Rayong
Rayong is one of Thailand favorite golf destination, where you can play golf all year round. The wonderful courses are invariably located close to Rayong’s major tourism destination, ensuring you can enjoy your golf and have a good holiday at the same time. So if you want to bring your family along, They are assured of lots of activities and interesting places to visit. There are several golf courses in Rayong. Amphoe Banchang- Century Golf and Country Club Sukhumvit Road Tel: 0 3860 5054, 0 3863 5073 - Easter Star Country Rayong 214/5 Moo 3 Banchang–Had Pala Road Tel: 0 3863 0410-2 Fax: 0 3863 0418-9 - Rayong Green Valley Country Club 23 Moo 8 Ban Chang-Yaira Road Tel: 0 3889 3845 - St.Andrews 2000 Golf Country Club 9/36 Moo 7 Ban Chang-Yaira Road Tel: 0 3889 3838 Fax: 0 3889 3845 Amphoe Pluak Dang - Great Lake Golf and Country Club Tambon Mab yang pom Tel: 0 3862 2630 Amphoe Wangchan - Wangchan Golf Park 129 Moo 6 Tel: 0 2276 9072-4 Fax: 0 2276 9070Driving RangAmphoe Mueang- Amazing Rayong Driving 528/4 Sukhumvit Road, Tambon Nuen Phra Tel: 0 3861 8643, 0 1313 5668- Vac-Vac Driving Range 65/5 Sukhumvit Road, Tambon Noenpra Tel: 0 3860 8008 Fax: 0 3880 7090- V.J. Star Dust Driving Range 385/3 Sukhumvit Road, Tambon Noenpra Tel: 0 3880 7090- Mab Kha Golf Mab Kha-Mabtapud Industrial Estate Road , Tambon Mabtapud Tel: 0 3868 1573- Poly Golf 2/15 Sukhumvit Road, Tambon Ta Pradu Tel: 0 3865 5055 - Sri Mueang Golf Near Sri Mueang Park, Adulyathamprapat Road Tel: 0 3861 1934 .Or let us to make a reservation and take care of the Golf 's group.Please contact to :-

Mobile Phone:+66(0)878330089,+66(0)871394868

Sincerely yours,

Mr.Sukij Boonplok

(Manager of Suphaphat Group and Travelling.)

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is a publication which is on display in many hotels,shopping centre's,restaurants and entertainment venues throughout Pattaya City,Jomtien and Naklua.The most happening oceanside resort in Asia!Pattaya City really does have everything.Superb hotels,a huge variety of restaurants including the best seafood you have ever tasted,endless sports and leisure activities,a dozen world-class golf course,value-for-money shopping,and of course a nightlife scene unlike anything you will have ever seenbefore. No matter if you are staying in Pattaya City as a family,a couple,on your own,part of a tour,or with a convention of incentives group,this is the city with it all.Have a fantastic time in PATTAYA CITY




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Pattaya Happy Birth day 40 years.

Four decades ago,a sleepy fishing village slumbered in the tropical heat,blissfully unaware that events unfolding in neighboring lands would forever alter its future,landscape and reputation for years to come.War raging in Vietnam, and spilling over into the adjoining territories of Laos and Cambodia had necessitated the need for US Military to locate suitable sites for friendly air bases to accomodate the fleet of massive B-52 bombers thought to be able to pound the enemy into submission.One such site on the Thai Eastern seaboard near the Naval Port of Sattahip was selected and U-Tapao Air force base was established.As an ideal transit point,U-tapao and the nearby villages of Bann Saray and Pattaya could also be utilized for war weary GI's on R&R,another acronym that actually entailed more Rockin' and Rolling' than rest and recreation.This was the year 1968 (with some researchers claimimg the exact date to be the 29th of June) when the first men arrived,and have since continued to arrive by the planeload.As seen throughout history,all the services and vices that flock to service large groups of homesick,cash flush,testosterone fuelled young( and old) men now flooded the area.
Legend of Pattaya City has it that Phraya(Governor)Tak ,who later became King Taksin the Great of Thonburi,broke out of the Burmese besieged(then)capital of Ayutthaya with 1,000 of his followers in 1767.With the Burmese in hot pursuit,he marched east towards Prachinburi and then turned south towards Sattahip on the Gulf of Thailand.When he reached the small fishing village of Naklua,he encountered a local Chieftain Nai Klom with 10,000 warriors who luckily recognized Phraya Tak's virtues and united with him rather than fight.Together they marched south again via Jom-Thian(Jomtien),Sattahip and then Chantaburi where Phraya Tak rebuilt his forces in preparation to re-conquer Central Thailand.The road connecting South Pattaya and Jomtien is still know as "Thappraya(Army of Phraya/Governor) Road ".So,that was a Pattaya City
Mr.Peter Boonplok
Manager of Suphaphat Group and Travelling

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pattaya the city of the ultimatum.

by peter boonplok,

This sunday 06 july 2008,i've begin my job of a tour-guide with our guest of "suphaphat group
and travelling agency" to visit at the south of Pattaya City.Starting at the Beach Road end and heading all the way to Bali Hai Pier.I also wanted to focus my tourists on the new attractions which make Pattaya's centrepiece the exciting stretch of real estate that it is. Just outside the entrance to Walking Street,my first pleasant surprise came in form of Pattaya Beer Garden.I visit their and let my tourist group to look around in Walking Street Shopping Arcade.The pier Bar Complex,including Thai boxing ring,so i had found my favorite place.Pattaya City is popular not only as a beach resort and for its entertainment,nightlife and shopping,but also broad selection of recreational activities it caters for,from golf and horseback riding to bungee jumping,karting and shooting-not to mention a wide variety of watersport tourist and expats here you will find many go go bars,beer bars,discos,street entertainers ,hotel,resort condominium,real estate and business for capital.And the most security life from the Pattaya Police Station,hospital,bureau of Pattaya City Hall.So that gaurantee for your worthly time to visit us at Pattaya City,Thailand.

Sincerely yours,

Peter Boonplok

( Manager of suphaphat group and travelling)